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it showed a drop in violent crime in san jose including homicides, aggravated assaults, robberies and simple assaults. police have now transitioned to a scaled down long term effort but one with the same priorities. >> we're going to keep focusing on the hot spots. keep putting the areas where we need them. >> reporter: the continuous overtime is reaching a breaking point. the oliverio acknowledges the strain on the department. can police keep up this kind of effort? coming up at 6:00. a look at how police will try to do that. and a look at a councilman's efforts to boost staffing. new at 5:00, if you drive
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around richmond police may have a picture of your license plate. officers are using special cameras to try to find stolen vehicles. as rob roth found out, some people worry it might go a little too far. >> reporter: this is one of four patrol cars equipped with special license plate reading cameras. all together they can photograph hundreds of cars a day in an effort to recover stolen cars and reduce auto thefts. an average of 40 cars day were stolen in richmond last year. that's a lot. >> it's definitely something that police need to address. >> reporter: police are addressing with these special cameras that read license plates. to see how it works we went for a ride. whenever the patrol car passes a car or truck that license plate appears on the screen whether it's been reported stolen or not. but if a camera does catch a hot license plate. >> if we get a hit on the stolen video an alarm will sound. >> reporter: police began using the cameras last month. >> not only it helps the victims and the citizens of
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this town but it helps other surrounding agencies and other towns. >> reporter: auto thefts dropped 37% in september of this year compared to september of last year. police say they don't know if the cameras are the reason but they they have helped in several arrests and in recovering stolen cars. many drivers applaud the new strategy but some people have privacy concerns after all every photographed license plate is stored in the police data base for a year before it's deleted. >> just pick up anybody's whereabouts seems like big brother has gone a little too far. >> we take everybody's concern to heart. the best thing we can do is let them know. this is trying to help people out on getting their property back. >> reporter: richmond police say they're still studying the new crime fighting strategy. and say it could eventually equip more patrol cars with
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these cameras. state lawmakers address a special hearing in the wake of a deadly track accident that killed two workers. the accident earlier this month killed chris shepherd and lawrence daniels. the tragedy highlights a trend of safety problems at b.a.r.t.. in 2008 another b.a.r.t. worker was killed while inspecting a track using the same procedures as this accident. continuing coverage now on the problem plagued roll out of the affordable care act website. today for the first time a member of the obama administration is apologizing for the website's botched launch. the federal official overseeing that faced tough questions from a key house committee. she began with a blunt
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statement. >> reporter: as far as free review of obama care. >> getting an assessment of obama law. >> reporter: or a witchcraft stake out. >> democrats want to make it work, republicans don't. >> reporter: house lawmakers, probed, praised or picked it apart. >> we're only four weeks into this one and already declaring it dead. >> now we're told everything will be okay very soon. why should the american people believe you now. >> reporter: the woman in charge of the problem plagued obama care website in her testimony a major maricopa to the public. >> i want to apologize to you that the website has not worked as well as it should. >> new questions over promises made by obama. >> if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. >> reporter: if you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. >> reporter: that's not exactly the case for millions of americans in the individual
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insurance market. an insurance industry source says the majority of americans with individual plans will find their policies changed or everyone cancelled under obama care rules. the white house says those who's plans change drastically will be able to buy more comprehensive coverage. >> one of the issues it was meant to address is the need to provide better security to those americans who had no other option. >> reporter: shannon travis, ktvu channel 2 news. representative mike thompson sits on the house ways and means committee, he said covered california is working well but some of his constituents say they're not happy with changes due to the health care act. >> usually some of my colleagues on the other side of the aisle have mentioned are cancelled their grandfathered in programs and policies and issuing new policies. >> reporter: tomorrow health
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secretary kathleen sebelius will appear before the committee. here in california residents have their own concerns about the state's new health care program. john fowler goes over the biggest problems customers are having today. it has been one week since the death of andy lopez the 13- year-old was shot and killed last tuesday by sonoma county sheriff deputy who thought the air soft toy gun the teen was carrying was real. >> reporter: a funeral for the boy is just now getting under way. allie rasmus was live at the funeral. >> reporter: the parking lot here at the sonoma sheriff's office was packed with close to 1,000 people. there were no arrests or any problems, this was a peaceful event today. but as a precaution, all nonofficial workers were let home early. the sheriff's office closed at noon today. >> reporter: on the roof and in
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front of the building, deputies guarded the entrance to the sonoma county sheriff's office. in front, protesters made their message clear. the shooting death of andy lopez by sheriff deputies outraged the community. >> it could have been my child. it could have been my kid. >> i come as a father. my heart is broken for that family. and it could have been my kid. >> reporter: the day began with a noon rally. then the crowd marched to sonoma college. many of protesters were students who parents signed permission slips so they could attend. >> my parents thought i could attend because they don't think it was right the way he died. >> there's anger and there's
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frustration. >> there's a riff between the community and police, and we need to come together and man this. >> reporter: something that the sheriff acknowledged. >> we'll get back out there and continue to do that. >> reporter: sheriff fredes met today with his department latino advisory committee. but the people on that committee do not adequate represent them say people out here at this rally. there was concern that outside command were in charge of that rally. the protesters said that was not the case. 48-year-old eric galehouse is a 24-year-old veteran of the department. he was training another deputy last tuesday night when he encountered lopez holding a gun that looked like a real assault weapon.
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galehouse shot lopez seven times. the trainee who was with galehouse did not open fire. here is a look at the replica ak47 lopez was carrying. sheriff compared the toy gun to the real version to show just how realistic the gun looked. most replicas have an orange tip, but the gun here did not have an orange tip. paul chambers asked the county supervisor for that district what he's doing. we're working on that part of the story coming up in the next half hour. meantime the owners of a fremont apartment complex are facing a federal lawsuit over their keep off the grass policy. the lawsuit was filed by the u.s. department of justice against the woodland garden apartments. the suit claim it is complex discriminates against families with children. five families complained to the government that management does not allow kids to play on common grass areas of the
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complex. families with children quote should have the same ability to as other tenants to enjoy themselves. >> we have our rights, our civil and human rights. the law is the law. so i would want to abide by the law and what my rights entact as well. >> reporter: they're concerned about landscaping being damaged. so far there's been no response from the owners. a paramedic shot and killed now his widow is speaking out outside an east bay courtroom. >> there is no happy ending no matter what happens in court. >> new at 5:30, new developments in the case against a teenager accused in his death. plus golden gate park wasting government funds? a bay area department under scrutiny. after the break a frost advisory for parts of the bay area, does it include your
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backyard? i'll have the specifics. ♪
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but i think i got this. ♪ [ male announcer ] the all-new cla. set your soul free. continuing coverage on the legal victory for some san francisco firefighters. they say they were denied promotions they deserved and the court agreed. the firefighter say the department discriminated against them based on their age. david stevenson is looking at why the fight with the fire department may not be over yet. >> reporter: that city award comes as another city agency is also auditing the fire department. even as firefighters work monday to crush a major fire in san francisco's mission district, a new battle
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involving the department was brewing across town. a jury awarded the firefighters $3.5 million in back pay and damages. the firefighters say the scores were secretly altered in a promotions example. and the department committed age discrimination by failing them. a spokeswoman told ktvu quote we disagree with the verdict and we're considering our options. those options may include an appeal of the award. a second audit is also places head on the fire department. >> back in june i introduced our budget department as being number one. >> reporter: the audit and the lawsuit share similar concerns. >> the concerns came in through firefighters within the department. as it relates to promotion and advancement as well as cultural
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aspect. >> reporter: results of the audit are due in march. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. in contra costa county a meeting is under way right now to discuss the moraga orinda fire department. that money was supposed to be used to repay the district's debt. earlier this month officials decided to cut daily staffing from 19 to 17. that move is expected to save $550,000 this fiscal year. buehrleing game police are asking for the public's help to find a man. his wife says he went for a walk several blocks from his home. morris was wearing a black
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sweatshirt and white sweat pants. in august, home prices rose to their fastest pace since february of 2006. home prices nationwide rose 12.4% compared with a year ago. san francisco had the second highest year over year jump. home prices were up more than 25% in the last 12 months. las vegas saw the biggest increase at more than 29%. at least three people are dead after a storm and strong winds caused a major traffic collision. this crash happened on interstate 10. visibility of less than 10 feet has been recorded in the area because of the dust storms. at least 10 vehicles were involved in this pile up. westbound lane and two eastbound lanes of interstate have been shut down. scary situation there. let's check in with chief meteorologist bill martin to see what's happening with the weather in the bay area. >> it's be a nice day out there today. temperatures still on the cool side. we've had temperatures mainly in the 50s and low 60s.
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but it's going to get warmer. the national map shows a will the lot of weather moving through the ohio and mississippi valley. for us we have awet system to the north. -- for us we have a wet system to the north. that's what brought the snow to the sierra. we have fog at the coast and fog showing up in the santa clara valley in the north bay and that's kept temperatures on the mild side. we can take a peek at the frost advisory that goes into effect again tonight. that frost advisory that's going to include the north bay hills. doesn't mean we're going to see frost or cool overnight lows in your neighborhood tomorrow morning. as we look at the current numbers, 60 in napa, 61 in walnut creek. cooler than yet by a couple of degrees. temperatures tomorrow should warm back into the mid-60s. maybe everyone mostly mid-60 #- s -- 60s.
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maybe a couple of 67s. as that low leaves the area, things are going to have an opportunity to warm up. tomorrow warmer than today. the extended forecast which matters is the dry mild situation that will exist for halloween. of course the kids get out there the last couple of days, we've had shower activity. 38degrees in santa rosa tomorrow for the low. it'll be colder in some of the inland bay valleys. this sets up for a warming trend as we go wednesday through friday. temperatures in the bulk of this week are going to get back into the mid-60s. maybe everyone some upper 60s. oakland downtown, overnight 28 degrees and you wake up in oakland 28 degrees that's cold for the kids heading to school and you heading to work. 68degrees around lunchtime and mid-60s as the day progresses. the five day forecast then with your bay area weekend in view. cold mornings the next couple of mornings as we've been seeing and temperatures start to come up a little bit. then we have halloween showing up here on thursday.
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and the weather looks good. we'll take a closer look at halloween because it's a big one. daylight savings is this weekend. we're going to change the clocks back. but for this halloween we'll have a little more daylight as the trick or treaters go up. the temperatures will trend down a little bit next week. >> so look out for the goblins. >> in the old days we would change the clocks back. that was a little more dangerous. virgin america is trying something new when it comes to those preflight safety instructions. >> ♪ i have some safety tips you have to know, and trust me it's something you want to hear ♪ >> reporter: it is the first airline safety video that is entirely set to music. it was just unveiled today. the safety instructions are an faa requirement. and they hope a little song and dance will keep people's
5:20 pm
attention. plus a bay area city considering a curfew at parks. why some say it will only cause more problems. now to julie haener in the newsroom with news of help for homeowners struggling against foreclosure. >> nearly $2 billion was set aside to prevent homeowners from foreclosure. but we reveal the reason hardly anyone is taking advantage of it. also restrictions on sex offenders around halloween are nothing new but what is new is groups trying to eliminate those restrictions and winning in court. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00. the midt or the 34 highway mpg jetta. and every new 2014 volkswagen comes with no-charge scheduled maintenance... ...all for practically just your signature. the "sign then drive" sales event is back. ...and it's never been easier to get a new volkswagen. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on any new 2014 volkswagen. hurry, this offer ends october 31st.
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we need more services, not more citations. homeless advocates rallied on the steps of san francisco city hall today to protest what some are calling a mean spirited proposal to close all city parks at night. the rally was held just ahead of a board of supervisors meeting where supervisor scott weaner is pushing for park curfews. he says it will eliminate dumping but two of his colleagues were at the demonstration. >> they're promoting it as anti vandalism but it's a mean spirited effort to push homeless people out. >> it's incredible we would be thinking about this kind of intolerance in this city. >> torrez and avalos says the homeless will only be moved from parks to other locations
5:24 pm
and that humane solutions are needed park curfews. under the new rule, parks would be closed. >> we're here standing with homeless san franciscans who oftentimes have nowhere else to sleep. >> reporter: police chief greg suhr has said he supports park curfews but he also says his officers would not be spending their time clearing parks or harassing people. >> reporter: san francisco supervisor weiner also introduced a new soda tax. that's a 24-cent tax on a typical can of soda or $35 million a year for san francisco. the money would be used for health programs for children. it would need a majority work from supervisors to get on the
5:25 pm
ballot. the san francisco based company added a kittens option to its app. for $20 people can order up a kitten for 15 minutes. the kitten service was available from 7:00 this morning until 4:00 this afternoon. the kittens could also be permanently adopted. the money will be donated to local shelters. and we'll have the latest on what community members say need to happen for this community to heal. plus concerns about covered california. we talk to residents who say the new health care plan is nothing like what was promised.
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the outrage over the death of a sonoma county teen is growing tonight as hundreds rally for justice. we're asking local leaders what they're doing to gain back the community's trust. 13-year-old sandy lopez was killed by sheriff deputy one week ago today. and tonight his friends and family are gathering for his funeral. >> paul chambers is there.
5:29 pm
and we understand a sonoma county supervisor plans to pay his respects tonight. >> reporter: that is true ken and gasia. but first let's go to what is happening behind me. they just removed the casket out of the hurst and they're getting to take the body into the church. as you can see they're coming up the step way here carrying the body of 13-year-old andy lopez. take a moment here for this. now if we can go to video that we shot earlier today. we spoke to a supervisor who says people here are calling for a civil review committee in this case and other issues here. they say that emits the relationship between the community and the police department is strained. he says the community is
5:30 pm
calling for help with everybody involved. >> they don't feel they have that right now. what can we create, what dialogue can we create because quite frankly it does not exist right now. >> reporter: now the first thing he says that needs to happen is the public needs to come together. he will plan public forums so they can be heard. live in santa rosa, i'm paul chamber, ktvu channel 2 news. the suspect at a placer county gun battle appeared in court to hear the charges against him. samuel nathan duran is facing charges including making criminal threats, and being a felon in possession of a firearm. duran is accused of wounding six law enforcement officers during a shoot out and nine hour stand off which ended on saturday. he is due back in court on saturday for arraignment. a teen who is accused of
5:31 pm
hurting an paramedic appeared in court today for a preliminary hearing. christian burton is being tried as an adult. he allegedly shot quinn boyer during a carjacking attempt in the oakland hills back in april on april 2nd. the alameda county district attorney's office is seeking a murder conviction. the family of the victim says that won't bring him back. >> there is no happy ending no matter what happens in court. there's loss all around for everyone. >> reporter: burton faces a special circumstance allegation that he murdered bowyer during the course of a carjacking that could make him eligible for the death penalty if he's convicted. now to san francisco where lawmakers are asking for information about a key witness in the death of a woman in a hospital stairwell. on october 4th, a man with a hospital badge reported seeing someone lying in that stairwell. police are asking ucsf and san francisco general employees to help identify that man. he is described as an asian male adult, 30 to 40 years old,
5:32 pm
5'8" tall with a medium build. lin spalding went missing from san francisco general hospital on september 21st. her body was discovered on that stairwell on october 8. the woman accused of killing two people in a drunk driving accident was postponed this afternoon for a second consecutive day. the san mateo county district attorney says 53-year-old margie ritesell had a blood alcohol well above the limit. she is hospitalized and has not yell been cleared to appear in court. police say her car slammed into comal and barberstein from behind as they were walking their dog last thursday. the arraignment has been rescheduled for tomorrow. reitzell is facing charges of drunk driving. she is being held on $2 million bail. jury deliberations began this afternoon in the case of a 19-year-old from marin charged with attempted murder and the theft of a lamborghini.
5:33 pm
fieri was the final witness in the trial, he testified that he had not given permission to take that car. san francisco mayor ed lee hospital officials and architects for the construction project took part in a ground breaking ceremony today. pacific medical center plans to build a new hospital at the old location. >> it will be occupied by some of the greatest medical profession and nurses and doctors working together to save and improve lives. >> reporter: these artist rendings rendings -- renderings show what it's expected to look like. today mayor kevin johnson says track is back and and announced plans to build a new track and field.
5:34 pm
he says sac state will host the track and field finals next spring. officials say it will have the best track surface in the world. representatives with the sacramento kings basketball team today showed their ideas and concepts for a new downtown arena to city council members. during a council retreat, city officials heard what's in store for the future of the kings. the owners will also brief council members at a public hearing tonight. people using twitter today may have noticed something different with their tweets. the san francisco company says it overhauled its user display to make it more visual. starting today, previews of photos and video will be more prominent. the change comes as twitter prepared for its ipo in the next few weeks. san francisco parks wasting taxpayer dollars? one lawmaker says so. at 5:45, the new research she says shows the government is mismanaging money. and later concerns about covered california, why the government's new health care
5:35 pm
program could cause nearly 1 million people to lose their current plan. but first, saved by a cell phone. how a gas station clerk says it kept him from even knowing he had been shot.
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record. a brazilian surfer may have set the report for the biggest wave surfedded. an american surfer set a previous report at that very same beach for riding a 78-foot wave two years ago. a me -- necropsi on a rare sea animal is giving them insight. they say the deep see creature had a host of parasites inside. the discovery could tell them more about where it lives and what it hunts for food. another dead orr fish washed ashore a few days later.
5:39 pm
the 115-year-old mortuary will be closing its doors on october 31st. it's located close to myers home. the childhood home of steve jobs is being placed on a los altos list of historical property. the home is already a destination. the home is where steve jobs built the first 50 apple one computer nearly 50 years ago. the historical commission voted unanimously for the historical designation last night. now any changes made to that home will require additional reviews. a gas station's clerk says his cell phone saved his life. the clerk says the robber ordered him to open a safe but when he and another clerk were unable to do that the frustrated robber fired a shot at them and ran away. it wasn't until police arrived that one of the clerks realized
5:40 pm
he had been shot. >> the cop says i feel like my chest hurts. so they started looking at the clerk. they realized the guy shot at him, hit him, struck hit cell phone and the cell phone stopped his bullet. >> he was checked at the hospital for bruising but he's expected to be okay. breaking news and a tragic end to a story about a missing man. in the past six months, more than 800 crimes were reported in this oakland neighborhood. we'll tell you about the steps taken today to stop that trend and who stepped up to flip the bill. then high levels of pesticides in san francisco bay. how scientists and policymakers are teaming up to try to fix the problem. right after the break, we're going to take a look at the five day forecast. i have your weekend in view and it includes a significant warm up. i'll tell you which days we'll warm up the most.
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we have a breaking news update on that missing man story we told you about earlier. police discovered his body in hillsboro off rowan tree lane in some heavy vegetation. the hillsboro police department received a call from a resident about a man down. investigators say they found 79- year-old scotty morris. he was last seen yesterday leaving his home on rolston avenue. his wife says he went for a
5:44 pm
walk on buerling game avenue. new at 5:00, ktvu's patti lee live in oakland where the program patty is just in its first day. >> reporter: the plan is simple provide a visible presence here the city can't. it's day one of a plan to keep oakland's china town safe. it involves private security guards, patrolling the streets. >> it's not a cheap endeavor but it is, it's something we were in a position to do. >> reporter: the ceo the bank that started in oakland's china town 30 years ago is flipping the bill. he would not tell us the price, just that the city's crime problem had already koárs the community too much. >> i think there's certainly a perception that oakland is not as safe as it could be or should be. and china town is located in oakland so that perception goes along and applies to this
5:45 pm
community as well. >> reporter: providing the combination of peace and mind and muscle, former oakland police officers who know too well the impact their diminish ranks have had on the city. >> it's going to be a long time for those numbers to ever catch up. i think the short term and mid- range solution to this is a private solution. >> reporter: according to the city's crime statistics, between may two and october 29 there were 800 crimes reported. in this half mile radius from seven to 11 from broadway. petty theft and burglary to armed robbery. >> a lot of people would say oh my god you're in oakland. >> reporter: three years ago chan spear headed an effort to outfit most china town businesses with security cameras. surveillance cameras will soon be facing streets. >> it's going to help us to bring people back. >> reporter: city stats show
5:46 pm
that after 5:00 crime picks up in this neighborhood. so a visible street presence during the early evening hours will be a priority here at least in the beginning. patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. in berkeley the city council will decide the future of an apartment building that caught fire last march. former tenants have filed an appeal. they say the owner disconnected fire alarms before the fire and improperly installed a water heater. the golden gate national recreation area is listed in a report out today identifying federal taxpayer waste. oklahoma senator tom coburn unveiled new research on spending in national parks. he said the s to the utro bass in the recreation is a blaring act of improper financial dollars use. he considers congress wasting
5:47 pm
money on parks while ignoring maintenance backlogs of the nation's most popular attractions. >> i don't blame the national parks service for the problems that we have. what i blame is congress because we continue to want to benefit ourselves parrochially. today and tomorrow scientists and policymakers are meeting in oakland to discuss the issues affecting the bay. officials say if the pollutants in the bay go unchecked, levels will increase and pose serious health risks to sea life. the annual report is from the regional monitoring program. that's an environmental group that tracks contaminants in the bay. super storm sandy struck two years ago.
5:48 pm
among the areas largest hit the stanton island rock away. the governor's office ordered flags to be flown at half staff today. let's check in with bill martin to find out how things are looking out there. >> a lot like yesterday in terms of temperatures. we had a lot of clouds out there. no wind but plenty of cloud cover. that kept temperatures on the mild side. it can get hot out there. the warm spot was santa rosa with 66 degrees. national weather service puts these together every afternoon for us. these are the usual sites. the sfo number this one is taken at the san francisco airport not downtown san francisco. the oakland airport 65 degrees. hayward a little small airport there 61 degrees. 65degrees in morgan hill. daytime high so tomorrow's
5:49 pm
numbers warmer than these we have a little bit of activity in the island. up around donor summit we had snow accumulations up around sugar bowl over two, 2-1/2 feet that's significant snowfall for this time of year in that area. 63 in fairfield, you have lots of low 60s. no fog to speak of. there's a few clouds out there still. i think you will see patchy coastal fog tomorrow morning. we have that frost advisory that will be in effect tonight for the north bay. just because the frost advisory is in effect there, doesn't mean you will not see frost where you live. the winds are blowing out of the north at 12 miles per hour. so we have plenty of wind out there. usually when you have wind it keeps the temperatures from
5:50 pm
really bottoming out. the breezy conditions are the slight winds will keep temperatures at the surface in the coldest spot. the coldest spots will see some mid-30s tomorrow morning in the coldest spots. most of us will be upper 30s and low 40s. mostly sunny and mild tomorrow. you will notice a little warmer by a few degrees. that trend will continue as we go into the next few days. overnight lows like these, again these are the, downtown concord 43, you go east at concord you head out into the clayton area, you're going to get your numbers into the 30s. 47degrees tomorrow morning when you get going. so that's chilly in downtown san jose. 66degrees for a daytime high. san jose specific forecast, 69 in vacaville and tomorrow 68 in fairfield. inland valleys so these numbers, two, three degrees warmer than yesterday. more sunshine, more warmth. maybe a little patchy coastal fog. 67 in saratoga, no rain in the forecast. we have a little bit of rain the other day from that system especially in the south bay and the hills. from now we're running dry. the five day forecast then with halloween showing up here on thursday. we've been talking about that. temperatures perfect for that night. the weather is perfect for that
5:51 pm
night. as we go into your bay area weekend it wants to cool off a little bit on sunday. a very nice looking forecast. sort of feels like you never have but it feels like we're turning the corner on the fire system which is nice too. as we get into november, we start to get moist ground summer days and fire danger not as extreme as it was yesterday. >> so we should not expect the temperatures to pop back into the 80s or so. >> you should not expect it. but maybe we'll dodge a few wildfires. a black bear is back to its home after causing a scare. police kept curious school children away from the area as they were out of class. the bear appear to be tagged. it was later caught on camera running down the tree, running through the streets and
5:52 pm
escaping into the wooded area. gavin newsom says he knows who should be our next president. who he's throwing his support behind. back to julie haener now in the news room with news every parent should hear. julie-- >> that's right, new at 6:00 with halloween right around the corner, we reveal a push to eliminate restrictions on sex offenders. >> a sex offender on halloween is not going to sexually assault your child. >> and what may be everyone more disturbing that push is succeeding. also ahead, california homeowners struggling against foreclosure. how the billion plus dollars meant to keep them in your home is going unspent. these stories and more coming up in 10 minutes. ♪
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>> human error is being blamed for a technical problems today at the nasdaq exchange. nasdaq officials say someone performed a wrong operational. despite the problem at the nasdaq, stocks ended the day positive. the nasdaq was up 12 points. the s & p500 hit another record
5:56 pm
high finishing up nine points at 17.71. shares of safeway hit a record high after rumors of a buy out began circulating. the store is said to have received an offer from an equity firm. there's word that several equity firms are trying to take over the grocery chain. officials with the state health exchange say the federal affordable care act is partially to blame. john fowler investigated what this means for people and what they can do about it. >> reporter: covered california now estimates 900,000 californians will lose health coverage at the end of the year. 300,000 including some blue shield and kaiser subscribers already received cancellation notices. >> i will look into it now. i haven't looked into it because everybody in my family
5:57 pm
has some sort of coverage. >> reporter: the coverage has to meet standards. >> insurance companies are canceling plans. >> reporter: lucia says under covered california many of those cancelled will qualify for subsidied or even free health care offered through insurance companies. individual plans however are becoming more and more expensive as sicker people can no longer be excluded. >> now that insurers are required to offer coverage to everyone, the premiums on average will go up. >> i have insurance. and it's cheaper than the affordable care act. with all the bells and whistles that i want. >> a lot of people are blaming the government but the corporation still run health care in this country. >> reporter: it's not clear how the state program is doing. covered california says it won't release sign up numbers for another two weeks. john fowler, ktvu news. the head of the national security agency today denied
5:58 pm
any phone surveillance of european citizens. general keith alexander defended the nsa's intelligence data collecting. the nsa has been under fire this last week over reports of phone surveillance in europe. california lieutenant governor gavin newsom and his wife are putting their support behind hillary clinton for a white house run. the newsom's today formally endorsed clinton. the newsom's say the former secretary of state has the best shot of breaking the glass ceiling and becoming the first woman president. the newsom's announcement comes a week before she is set to hit san francisco for two big appearances. now at 6:00, bay area law enforcement are gearing up for the annual halloween sweep of registered sex offenders. but we'll tell you about the civil rights fight being waged
5:59 pm
to protect those sex offenders. hundreds face off with sonoma sheriff's department. the trick or treat tradition is just two days away and as your children get ready for halloween, police around the bay area are also preparing for their annual check of the region's registered sex offenders. good evening i'm ken wayne. frank somerville is off tonight. >> and i'm julie haener. ken pritchett looks at how law
6:00 pm
officers plan to treat sex offenders on halloween night. >> reporter: we will see law enforcement target a small number of sex offenders to get them off the street. but there's other areas that want to ban all sex offenders from participating on halloween and that effort has failed. we know of two things 2-year- old christopher likes to do that's to run and trick or treat. >> i love taking him trick or treating. candy she loves candy. >> reporter: his mother also looks forward to halloween and supports laws that stops sexual predators from participating such as putting out decorations or giving out candy. >> if you're on megan's law list don't bother. we don't want our kids around you. >> reporter: every year, parolees are banned from decorating or keeping porch lights lit on halloween

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